Friday, April 22, 2011


Richard and Joyce Hill were converts in our church in Hong Kong. He was a trekker and ended up visiting his friends in Hong Kong. They brought him to church and Jesus changed his life that Sunday. We have had the opportunity to spend the week together. Last night he had a Bible study that was outstanding. His house was full with hungry people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and ages; a reproduction of what God gave us in Hong Kong. London has had a number of great revivals and today is primarily a godless society. You can check out his web site at

We were also able to meet up with three of our ladies from Hong Kong who are now working in London. Marilyn was the coordinator of our prayer team in Hong Kong and has been a blessing to us for many years. Cherry Santos and Joan Acebo Johnson were key women in our church who now continue to partner with us for the UK, and especially London. What a blessing to spend 2 days with them as we looked over the city and dreamed of revival.

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